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Thanks BC!

This past summer was incredible, dreams coming true, really. After making the clear intention of playing BC festivals, volunteering one year, being booked at two the next, last summer I had the pleasure of HOSTING 4 small festivals and performed at 3 more.

The Dharma Bros, my hosting duo with vocalist Doug Koyama, was a hit; we wrote and performed over 80 short songs to introduce musical acts at Artswells, Robson Valley Music Festivals, Music on the Meadow and Quadrapaloosa. I also had the pleasure of performing at Elevate the Arts, Fernfest and Rogue Festival. Creating musical introductions for these artists was a deeply rewarding way to contribute the community.

I look forward to many more happy years of hosting and performing.

(A few pics below)



Dharma Bros at Robson Valley Music Fest

Evelate the Arts in Courtney BC.

Check back soon
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