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Coaching is My Vocation


Here's the description of services from my website:

I offer a relationship whose central focus is the growth and development of the client. 

It means cultivating clarity, knowledge and wisdom that translates into positive forward momentum. 

​Often the relationship starts with an assessment; a broad look at all realms of the client’s life and work. We break them into categories like Health, Relationships, Finances, Career, Spirituality, Self Knowledge, Teams, to create the basis of mutual understanding. 

From there we gauge degrees of satisfaction. How satisfied? What would more satisfaction look like?

In the assessment and in every session, the client is welcomed in their vulnerability. They’re given an opportunity to be open about their challenges, struggles, desires and dreams.

Ultimately we're working towards an expression, vision or version of self that resonates most deeply. 

With each meeting, we step back into that bigger picture: where is this all headed? What's the biggest hurdle at the moment? What are the current edges of the client’s emotional, intellectual, spiritual, professional growth? 

With each session, we check in about progress, unpack lingering emotions, stay or adjust the course. 

Sessions usually end with concrete steps.

The connecting thread is a supportive, collaborative, visionary relationship which constantly delivers greater degrees of realized potential. 

My passion is to support visionaries, leaders, beacons.  Folks that are ready to step up, lead others, and change the world. 

I'm here for anyone who's  desires to make a positive impact are ready to look inward, have deep conversations about their role in life and make change.

My job is to ask questions that help reveal truth; emotions, thought patterns, desires and dreams. 

My job is to hold space and to support your inner wisdom. With that wisdom we chart a course, create change, 

My job is to celebrate and acknowledge you as you make those big and small steps that lead to deeper impact, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

My job is to be in partnership with you, so that you can experience your potential. 

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