West Coast Foot-Stomping Grounds

Hello Friends and Banjo enthusiasts!

It’s my pleasure to announce some performances on Vancouver Island and Vancouver City, BC

Woodstove Festival! This is in Cumberland BC, a beautiful little arts community tucked in-island. It’s the first year of the festival and I’m humbled to be able to participate. I’ve got three scheduled appearances over the weekend, and I’ll be playing in the square dance band! What a treat! More info here!



It’s the end of the longboarding season in Vancouver, I’ll be celebrating this special day by playing at everyone’s favorite skate shop, FLATSPOT LONGBOARD SHOP, in Chinatown, Vancouver. I’m thrilled to re kindle my relationships the longboarders. I’m living out west now, people. There’s a certain DANGER if you don’t oBEY, the rules of the road.

That Thursday Nov 10th at 7pm, 112 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V2 FLATSPOT LONGBOARD SHOP.


From there the Tour of Vancouver continues with an epitome of BC evenings:, all sorts of wonderful and marvelous, DJs, Yoga, and my Alter-Ego, Salvador Dali Lama. Expect musical tales of burning man, the great goddess, psychedelics, and longboarding. There will be jamming with DJ: be ensconced by magic vibes of the new world.

Secret Location, announced the day of!

More info and Tickets



After that, the Summer project is underway!

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...
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