Best Summer Ever,

Dreams really to come true.

This summer has unfolded into a festival extravaganza.

The Dharma Bros, the singing MC duo performed sets and hosted some magnificent festivals in BC:

Elevate the Arts (Courtney), Fernfest (Victoria), Artswells festival of all things Art (Wells), Robson Valley Music Festival (Dunster), and this weekend was MoM (music on the Mountain) near Ft. St James.

Here's a pic of Doug and I at the Robson Valley Music festival. (More pics to come)

We've been having a splendid adventure and are eternally grateful for all those we met along the way.

Doug Koyama is an incredible person and great friend, he's had to sit out MOM fest and had to cancel the rest of his summer appearances so I'm sure he'd appreciated some love online if you have moment to get in touch.

The Dharma Bros carry on though; Tuesday Aug 22nd I'll be performing at Nancy O's in Prince George with an incredible act I had the pleasure of introducing this weekend, Sky Parallel. You can read all about it, right here

From there I'll be performing at the Opening of the Rogue Art Gallery at Rogue fest in Gibsons, on the sunshine coast, that's 5:30 - 6:30pm on the Friday August 25th. More info

After that, hosting Quadrapalooza, on Quadra Island, September 1-3. Quadrapalooza is the premier music festival of Quadra Island.

Jingle hosting and performing my solo acts has been incredible. At MOM fest, I was backed up by The Party On High Street and it was amazing. Video coming soon.

Big thanks to all the festival organizers, participants, artists, friends and family along the way. This is the beginning of something huge.

Much love,

Max "Banjoman"

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