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Truth remains valuable.

Given I’ll pop into many peoples minds, I feel a drive to share, out of appreciation for the attention.

I want to share the most fundamental elements of my experience at the moment.

Partly because I know folks are curious what I’m up to and how I’m doing.

But more because I’m at the point in my life where I have undeniable, intensely powerful truth that might benefit a few or many people.

If you’re at the point in your life where you’re genuinely prepared to do the work that will completely eradicate suffering from your life, read on.

If not, know that I’m better than I’ve ever been; I’m here for you, I love you and my truth will always be available to you when you’re ready.

My truth is that I left the spiritual/psychological supermarket, said no to more free samples of various traditions, with their conflicting aromas, bought the correct ingredients, followed the recipe with precision and am know eating the most delicious meal of contentment, satisfaction, focus and happiness. There is the possibility that this might happen when one follows any school of thought with vigor. My existential dish of preference is Buddhism.

My experience is that Buddhism is a psychological program, disguised as a religion, whose primary goal is purify the mind and eventually, completely liberate individuals from all suffering so they can do their best work in the world.

Through daily mediation, study and practice, I’ve become more content and less desirous; deeply satisfied but more focused, able, mature responsible and happier over all.

But there’s more. I practice in a secretive school called Dzogchen (pronounced “zochen”), known as the Great Perfection.

This is where I got caught up in the last draft. Because I’m not really supposed to write about Dzogchen, I’ll quote wiki, it is know as “the highest and most definitive path…to liberation”.

Research this or ask me questions. Better yet, if you’re ready to transcend suffering, find a Dzogchen teacher, get the Pointing Out Instructions and you’ll be on your way. After the instructions, meditation is way easier and enlightenment feels feasible, viable, and attainable.

Also. My dreams of becoming a traveling musician are coming true. I’ll play at a whole bunch of BC festivals this year.

Laura is doing much better.

Expect to see big things creatively from me this year.

I make a living driving from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, to the prairies and towns in between, giving music lessons.

I got a back up job at a local kennel.

Truth remains valuable.

Yours in love,

Max, Banjoman aka Salvador Dali Lama

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