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Online Lessons

Max has been teaching music through Skype for over two years and students find it a convenient and fun way to learn. We meet a few minutes before the lessons begin to make sure we have a good connection and jump right in. Online lessons are an excellent way to receive feedback and correct playing. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like try a free lesson. 

About Max as a Teacher

Max is a professional musician who’s been playing the banjo, guitar and ukulele for over 20 years and teaching for over six years. He considers it an honor to share these wonderful instruments, meet some incredible people, and help expand knowledge of pedagogy and instruction.


Max’s style of teaching is relaxed and easy going, we’ll be clear about your goals and how we attain them. If students are interested in public performances, Max has been doing them for a decade and has lots of information on how to build on that aspect of playing.


After four years of teaching in person, Max has moved his business online. Through Skype and Facetime, he's now teaching students based all over the world.   

Please get in touch, maximk7 at, for more information and to book a lesson.



" Who would ever hire a banjo instructor off of kijiji? Well I did and all I can say is 'score'. Maxim is a find. Professional, enthusiastic, patient and wildly talented. Whichever style of banjo you may be interested in learning he is well versed in all of them. I wholly recommend him to anyone considering banjo instruction." 

Jeff S:


“I've thoroughly enjoyed Max as a teacher and a friend. I love playing the banjo and credit Max's patience, flexibility, passion and competent teaching as major factors. I recommend him highly whether you are a beginner or expert.”



Kate T


“Maxim is a wonderful teacher! As a banjo novice, Maxim showed me how to set up my instrument, taught me the banjo basics and had me playing full songs in less than 6 months. Maxim's musical choices are intelligent and fun to learn, and he is a clear, patient and creative teacher. I highly recommend Maxim's classes to anyone thinking about learning the banjo. Thanks Maxim!”



Kelly R.


“Honestly, lessons were a very relaxing and genuine experience. I never felt nervous or hesitant to try new things, because Max is so supportive and encouraged creativity. I looked forward to polishing off tunes that he helped me learn, but also couldn't wait to take on another challenge. AND what I learned through the few sessions we had, I'm still able to carry over into the way I play now. When I learn a new song or try to compose one I use some of the skills Max taught me.”




“I started taking lessons with Maxim in March 2014. I wanted to only learn Bluegrass but Maxim taught me picking, strumming, clawhammer and sawmill (tuning). Learning these different styles have made me a stronger banjo player to the point I play part time onstage with a friend’s band and I am thinking of joining a band full time. I would recommend Maxim to anyone who wants to learn the banjo and learn to play it well.” 

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